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What are YOU doing?

Organizing event speaker conference management

Setting up meetings and organizing events?

writing content for bios or websites?

Creating in-house and public marketing materials?

Drowning in back-office administration?


Why not hire the pros at Red Leaf Business Management to lift some weight off your shoulders so you can focus on the most important thing…growing your business!

Red Leaf is a small firm that packs a powerful punch in taking care of the administrative needs of companies and associations. We’re young (energetic), small (nimble…can react quickly and hit moving targets) and personable (easy to work and partner with).

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What’s the benefit to you?


Red Leaf can tailor-make a program that fits YOUR need and YOUR budget. Whether it’s getting the planning/operations of meetings and events off your plate, growing the registrations/sponsorship of your association or using our expertise to add some fresh perspective to your marketing/PR materials, Red Leaf can handle it and make you and your company shine.

  • Reduce costs
  • Add capacity without new hires
  • Improve efficiencies/resource sharing
  • Free up your valuable time

Check out our testimonials…each with contact information so you can call or email and hear directly their stories about working with Red Leaf Business Management and how all the puzzle pieces came together after our first handshake.

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Strong relationships...Great partnerships


about red Leaf 

Red Leaf's NH office view.

Red Leaf's NH office view.

Red Leaf Business Management was founded by Shelly Dennis in 2012. She decided the breadth of her work experience pointed to forming a company where she could blend her skills in high-level administration, operations and logistics and project management with her warm and welcoming personality. She started as an administrator of the New England chapter of the national ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) Association — a national advocacy and education association for employee-owned companies — and as a hiring manager at World Learning, a local non-profit organization in Vermont.

Her success in the ESOP world led several other geographic chapters along the east coast to seek her out and hire Red Leaf for their administrative, marketing and event-planning needs. For some chapters, Red Leaf has increased registrations to their events by 100 percent and sponsorship levels by more than 20 percent.


shelly dennis, Founder / principal

“The most rewarding thing we do is build strong relationships that turn into productive partnerships.”

In 2017, Shelly brought Gary Dennis in as a partner. His extensive background in print media and as the owner of a high-end construction firm enhanced Red Leaf’s skill set to include operations and logistics, project management, marketing, PR/promotions and professional writing. It also increased the company’s bandwidth to take on more administrative and corporate-event clients.

Coming into 2018, Red Leaf is a powerhouse that can handle a variety of high-level corporate needs. Working out of their NH office, they can handle clients anywhere up and down the east coast. Check out the testimonials page and see where the decision to partner with Red Leaf made the difference for their clients.


Gary Dennis, Principal

“The skills we bring to the table are only half the story. Our success comes from having the know-how along with being approachable and easy to talk to and work with.”